hdrff4img [ options ] image [image| ...]

       hdrff4img is a wrapper-script for hdrff(1). While hdrff is designed for
       a standard workflow, which is  directory-based,  hdrff4img  is  a  more
       unix-like script where you pass images on the commandline.

       The usage-scenario for hdrff4img is to allow to explore the features of
       hdrff without setting up all the necessary directory-structures  first.
       It is especially useful for testing parameters.

       -t   task
              Target task. Valid values: tif fixca align enfuse hdr gimp drago
              durand fattal mantiuk pattanaik reinhard02 reinhard05

       -D   dir
              Target directory (defaults to the  current  working  directory).
              Use '+' for the directory of the first argument image

       -C   cfg-file
              Read  configuration  from  file  cfg-file.  If cfg-file does not
              exist, hdrff runs with the default configuration.

       -g     All images belong to a single group

       -G   groups
              Use explicit groups (e.g. -G "1-3 4-6")

       -k     Keep intermediate files

       -q     Output only error messages

       -v     Verbose output

       -h     Show options and parameters

       -d   modules
              Enable debugging for given modules

       Create an hdr-file from argument images in the current directory:
         $ > hdrff4img -t hdr dsc_1234.nef dsc_1235.nef

       Tonemap the resulting files with the Mantiuk and Fattal-algorithms:
         $> hdrff4img -t mantiuk hdr_1234.hdr
         $> hdrff4img -t fattal hdr_1234.hdr

       hdrff4img is simpler to use as hdrff, but less flexible.  It  tries  to
       lic License Version 3 as published  by  the  Free Software  Foundation.

       The latest version of this program can be found at:


       The full documentation in HTML-format.

       hdrff  is written and maintained by Bernhard Bablok (bablokb at source-
       forge dot net)

       Currently no known bugs.

       Please report all bugs to the author. Provide a detailed description of
       the  bug,  the version of the program you are running and the operating
       system you are using.

hdrff 1.2.0                                                       hdrff4img(1)

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