hdrff [ options ] [module|moduleGroup ...]

       hdrff  is  a modular script. It processes image-sequences (raw and jpg)
       and produces HDR-files or (tonemapped) LDR-files. Before  using  hdrff,
       you    must   edit   it's   configuration-files   (/etc/hdrff.conf   or
       ~/.hdrff/hdrff.conf). At first run (try hdrff -h), the script creates a
       default  configuration-file  in  ~/.hdrff/hdrff.conf. The configuration
       file is well commented, so it should be no problem to set the necessary

       The  hdrff-script  is based on a workflow-concept with individual steps
       (tasks).  Each step is implemented by a module. Technically a module is
       a shell-function, but this is not important for the use of hdrff.

       If  you  call  hdrff  without  any  arguments, it processes the modules
       defined in the variable MODULES (usually set in  hdrff.conf),  but  you
       can also pass the modules at runtime as arguments. This allows process-
       ing of modules step by step.

       You can also pass module-groups to hdrff. A module-group is a  list  of
       modules  or  other  module-groups. You can also define your own module-
                $ > export myModules=baseModules mv2archive
                $ > hdrff myModules
       For a list of predefined module-groups, run hdrff -H

       Note that this option will only show module-groups with the string Mod-
       in it's name.

       -C   cfg-file
              Read  configuration  from  file  cfg-file.  If cfg-file does not
              exist, hdrff runs with the default configuration.

       -c     Check prerequisites of modules

       -H     Show module help and all defined module-groups.

       -q     Output only error messages

       -v     Verbose output

       -h     Show options and parameters

       -d   modules
              Enable debugging for given modules

         $ > hdrff baseModules alignModules

       hdrff is written and maintained by Bernhard Bablok (bablokb at  source-
       forge dot net)

       Currently no known bugs.

       Please report all bugs to the author. Provide a detailed description of
       the bug, the version of the program you are running and  the  operating
       system you are using.

hdrff 1.2.0                                                           hdrff(1)

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